All the reasons why you should donate!

Myself and the other VIDEA intern at the YWCA, Dana are currently running a fundraiser for the YWCA Shelter that houses mainly girls who have experienced abuse. For all the information you need, please check out our page,

Here are some important reasons why you should donate:

If we reach our goal, the operational cost of the shelter would be covered for 6 months!

This fundraiser isn’t a long-term solution for operating the shelter but we want to set the shelter up with a cushion until a permanent donor is found.

The YWCA Shelter is a needed resource!

The primary residents of the shelter are young girls who have experience abuse, often sexual abuse. The girls stay at the shelter until their cases have been brought to court and there has been a sentencing. The courts in Zambia can be inefficient at times meaning that a girl’s stay at the shelter can range from several days to several months.

We can buy art supplies and toys for the girls!

While the shelter provides its residents with their basic needs, we want to create a safe and welcoming environment. These girls have experienced trauma and need counselling. Having art supplies and toys will not only allow the girls to be children but they can be used for play therapy

We can buy chickens and grow maize!

There is space at the shelter to keep chickens and have a small garden. By having chickens and maize there is a consistent food source and any excess amount of maize and eggs can be sold to create an additional source of income

Now I am going to assume that most of you who read this blog really care about me so here are some reasons why helping the shelter would really help me out!

I can go shopping!

Although it is not my favourite pastime, I feel my years of working with youth programs has prepared me for this. I have also spent more time in malls and shops in Kitwe than I ever thought so I have quite the expert knowledge of where to buy things. I will buy the best toys and art supplies that will create such a fun and healing environment for the girls.

I can learn about farming and livestock in Zambia!

On my internship in Ghana, I learned more about goats and groundnuts than I ever thought I would. Now in Zambia, I want to do the same with chickens and maize. Why? I don’t know! For some reason I find it very interesting learning things like the best time to buy and sell livestock and what the crop yield is on a certain sized piece of land.

I can put it on my resume!

People, I am two months away from unemployment and I need to put as many skills on my resume as I can so I can become a good adult. Don’t you want to help me put on my resume that I carried out a successful fundraiser? I am sure a future employer would see this and think ‘Wow, we need to hire this person quick!’

In all seriousness, this shelter is an important resource in the community and needs to be supported. So if you want to help me, Dana, the YWCA, the girls at the shelter or out of the goodness of your heart (cheesy I know), check out the fundraiser at Our goal is $2000 but anything would be great so please donate what you can!


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